Sunday 8 December 2013

Craft fair at bradwell lodge

This was going to be my last craft fair before Christmas and after the success of my hand stitched hearts at the silverdale fair I decided to make more same designs different colours : 
Plus a few with just lace added to them for decoration (these are not the best photographs ver taken) :
However as it goes sometimes with swings and roundabouts I didn't sell any of these this time so I am trying to sell them using my twitter account or another means so any suggestions will be much appreciated. I also made (and sold two lots of bunting one Christmassy and another that I thought was just lovely 
I also made and took with me this little fellow he's got a heavy bum so can be used as a doorstop ( not a fire door or anything I might add) but alas he came home with me too 
I do love him though it was a shame he couldn't go to a new home for Christmas. There is more items that i took with me this was my stall :
I had a really great time and met some more interesting people with lots of helpful advice about doing fairs and all the different ones around my local area. And of course everyone was in high spirits with Christmas just around the corner we had Christmas songs on I was singing along (quietly, thankfully), just a really good atmosphere and really got me in the mood for my daughters first Christmas : ) thanks for viewing and take care xx

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Lost scissors and marbles

Had such a lovely afternoon today managed to get some bunting made for the fair on Saturday I am just totally in love with the duck egg one and will probably find it hard to part with (even though I have nowhere to put it) 
I also realised how much work actually goes into bunting and have full appreciation for people that make masses for weddings, birthdays etc. I am pleased with my first attempts at it and hope that they find a good home. I also made some cute tree decs out of ribbon 
Quite in love with these, unusual as they are hope their "quirkiness" shines through on Saturday along with some more hand stitched heart decorations, these went so well at the last fair I had to make more 
A cute little fellow has been created this afternoon, he's sturdy so can be used as a door stop or simply to pirch on a shelf or fireplace I think he's mega cute and again something I will be sad or see go but will be worth it 
As for the lost scissors I have no idea what has happened to them, after completing the hanstitched hearts I was sat on the sofa ready to start my next batch, so went to make a brew and when I came back they were nowhere to be found so I'm left now with no scissors and some definate marbles missing thinking i should go and try and get a good nights sleep and start again in the morning, so that's what I'm goin to do. Goodnight and thanks for viewing take care xx

Monday 25 November 2013

Christmas craft fair

I managed to get quite a few things ready for the fair and was really pleased with the outcome my heart decorations were a real hit and so need to get making some more ready for my next one 
Really pleased with the outcome of these and it's a lovely feeling to know that these will be hanging on people's Christmas trees 'from my home to theirs'. Other items I made were these cute little pin cushions 
I was really busy using all the spare time I had and although all my ideas weren't made in time I still have them and will endeavour to make them...eventually my next fair is the 7th of December and I've got some making to do before then so here's a few more pics of the things I made along with a pic of the test run if my stall I did the night before to see how it all came together. Any comments will be much appreciated thanks for viewing, take care xx

Thursday 24 October 2013

Getting ready for the Christmas craft fair

So I've been getting in order for the Christmas craft fair I've arranged to do in November, been working on some cross stitch cards and I'm really pleased with the results so far. My mother in law as even asked me to make her two for her Nan's. I'm really loving cross stitch and patchwork and have decided that I can't do all the things I've got floating around in my brain so I should just concentrate on my favourites ( even though they seem to be the most time consuming ) anywho I just wanted to share my first 4 cards for the fair plus one for my mother I'm law. Thanks for viewing I hope you like them : ) xx

Tuesday 8 October 2013

+ 1 year

It's been almost a whole year since my last post and we have been very busy moving into our first home and having our baby girl. She has been takin a lot of my time up as you can imagine but now I am slowly starting to get back to doing what I love. Whilst I was pregnant I did make some cute toys for her pictured below and as I love cross stitch I've been creating little pictures to put in frames for her bedroom. I have redecorated our living room with yellows and greys and have been doing some cross stitch pictures to frame and put in there too ( I'll add pictures at a later date). But now I'm planning on doing a craft fair abit closer to Christmas and so I'm going to be concentrating on making items for that, I have lots of ideas and and lots of cute cross stitch patterns to make tree decorations and front of cards. Ill update again soon I hope when I've got plenty of pictures to add. Also been making gifts for my cousins new baby and also a another cousins wedding also pictured below.
 Take care and thanks for viewing xxx

Monday 15 October 2012

Moving forward

Havent had chance at the moment to make anymore things, and sadly have had to cancel doing the craft fair at the end of october. I was looking forward to starting all my christmassy this but ill have to leave them on hold : )
All excited as me and my fiance have brought our first home!!!! after spending several years in rented accomodation this is a massive step for us and we can not wait to take it! Not only that but we are expecting our first child in march 2013 so shopping around for cute baby things (even though it is still quite early, we do like to get on top of things though hehe) Got the 20 week scan next wednesday and contary to peoples opions we are looking forward to finding out whether weve having a girl or boy :  )
Maybe ill have to make cute baby things myself as well put a lovely personal touch to our first nursery in out first home.
Thats all for now thanks for viewing take care xx

Sunday 30 September 2012

Other Bits and Bobs

This is a selection of some of the items I have made, alot of these are with any real pattern just going from ideas I have. I love the stocking I made these for family at christmas, I filled them with chocolates and candy canes and they all have them now to hang on their trees : )
And the pictures of the campers are recycled pictures from 2011 calender cut out and out in pictures frames I've brought from car boot sales and charity shops, frames you dont really see any more and i love them think they all work well together, I still have some pictures left so the display is ever growing : ) The top photo was just a pouch i made to keep the front of my car stereo in, I'm thinking of making smaller verions of these as little coin pouches in different fabrics to sell.
I have to leave it there for today but I must admit I'm getting a little addicted to blogging so I'm sure it wont be long until my next post. For now take care and thanks for looking : ) xx